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Hand-Made Viking Sword

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1060 High Carbon Steel, Sharp Blade, Historically acceptable. This is a very nice sword.
Hold the raw power of the Scandinavian Vikings might in your hand. This robust and functional blade was surprising, to say the least. The quality of this sword outperforms the price, hands-down. With a full tang construction, peened pommel and attention to blade details, this sword is amazing. The 1060 High Carbon Steel blade is 30" long with a tapering profile with the base of the blade being about 2" wide and the tip about 1" wide. This helps reduces weight in the tip of the blade, making it more maneuverable. The blade also has a distal taper (thickness of the blade) from about .25" to .16". The cross tree and pommel are a simple design but that is indicative to a blade that is more functional than flashy. The handle is cord wrapped and the tang has been peened, again adding to the functionality of the blade. With a weight of 2.6 pounds, it is well within the weight of its historical recreation. A note of caution, this blade comes sharpened with no secondary bevel (no sharpening bevel) another hallmark of attention to detail. The point of balance is about 4.5" from the crosstrees. The sword does come with a wooden scabbard with a metal collar and chape. This blade surprised us all and its quality puts it into the realm of the functional piece that are hundreds of dollars more expensive.
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