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Gold Jintachi Japanese Samurai Katana


in Tachi refers to the way the sword attaches to an Obi (worn sash). Two hangers are used attach the sword to the obi, and the blade is hung edge down. This sword is equipped with a stylish 26 inch stainless steel blade. The handle is a cord wrap, which goes well with the partial wrap of the saya (scabbard). The rest of the saya has a bright metallic gold lacquered finish with etched metal accents. The tsuba (guard) is finely detailed with a floral pattern and has an antiqued finish.
Brilliant antiqued metal accents
Bright metallic gold lacquered saya
26 inch steel blade
9.5 inch handle
36.5 inches overall without saya, 39 inches with saya
39 x 3.5 x 3.25 complete dimension with saya on

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