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Gladiator Combat "Deadly Twin" Sword Set w/ Nylon Double Sheath


You may not be able to slay an enraged wild lion or a rabid wolf with the "Deadly Twins" in the Gladiator Combat Fantasy Sword Set, but wield them and you'll look just like an ancient Roman gladiator - battling for your life and the entertainment of a crowd whose thirst for blood is unquenchable. Each sword in this twin set is modeled after the legendary gladius - a potent weapon relied upon for centuries by Roman legions, gladiators and even common criminals. With our Gladiator Combat set, thankfully you won't have to track down an obscure, priceless relic to enjoy a real gladiator experience! Each sword in the set boasts a stout 18 1/2" false edged stainless steel blade - contoured for realism and burnished to an elegant satin finish. The black handle, guard and pommel of each sword is cast from tough ABS and fashioned into the iconic gladius form. At 25 1/2" long overall, this historical pair makes an impressive display piece. It's also easy to carry in the included durable black nylon double sheath with integrated adjustable shoulder strap. The Gladiator Combat Set's authenticity and affordability makes it especially well-suited for cosplay, theater and other costumed applications. It also makes a great gift for Roman history buffs, historical sword collectors and anyone who appreciates handiwork of the ancients.


  • Each inspired by ancient Roman gladius.
  • 18 1/2” false edged stainless steel blades.
  • Blades carefully burnished to satin finish.
  • Black ABS handles, guards and pommels.
  • Includes tough black nylon double sheath.
  • Sheath features adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Overall lengths: 25 1/2."
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