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Arcane Jintachi Katana


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The Arcane Jintachi was given to those that achieved the third soul of the warrior. Only after years of training with a soul master and completing the formidable training could one claim the right to wield the Arcane Jintachi. Decorated with a wrapped handle and scabbard in black which is the realization of nothingness(mushin) and gold which symbolizes the wealth that is discovered with inner peace, the Arcane Jintachi was created in these colors. The third warrior would seek out a greater peace by yielding his sword to those that sought for enlightenment and often became guardians of the most treasured temples. Few of these warriors remain today, and only by their Jintachi will you know them. The Arcane Jintachi has a 28 inch 440 stainless steel blade and includes a black lacquered with golden design scabbard.

  • The overall length of the sword is 41 3/4".
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