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46 KZ210BDN

Shinwa Green Emperor Katana Damascus

  • Battle ready and completely handmade by Shinwa sword masters 
  • Powerful Damascus steel full-tang blade 
  • Oversized Musashi tsuba Ray skin handle with cord wrappings 
  • Lacquered wooden scabbard 
  • Measures 40" overall 
  • Extremely sharp edge 
  • Fully functional practical katana
The Green Emperor Katana combines durability with affordability. This hand-forged Damascus blade, intricate carvings, and detailed accents make this Katana a truly great addition to any collection. Shinwa swords are handmade by master swordsmiths in the ancient town of Longquan, a renowned sword-making township that has been honing their craft for hundreds of years and takes great pride in creating beautiful, razor sharp swords that are battle ready.
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