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Pakkawood Scottish Dirk

Pattern Welded steel, also known as Damascus steel, was once used to draw impurities out of raw iron. This process required creating many layers of metals, stacked on itself to press out the impurities. This made the inclusions very small and the metal more durable and usable. Today, modern steel has come a long way and this process is no longer a necessary part of making usable steel. Today, it has become an artform.
  • This knife is no exception. The intricute pattern on the blade was created in the forging process. The High Carbon steel blade holds a good edge and is extremely sharp.This Pattern Welded dagger is extremely nice. The pattern in the blade is clearly viable; lending a mystical quality to the blade. It is a mixture of two high carbon steels and come fairly sharp. The twisted wooden handle is very nice and matches well with the file work spacers in the handle and the crossguard. This is an extremely nice piece for the price. It feels great in the hand. It comes with a basic leather sheath.
  • 12.5"overall length
  • 5.5" Handle
  • 7" Blade
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