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Dragon Age: Darkspawn Greatsword Letter Opener

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“Dragon Age: Origins, the 2009 RPG of the Year*", is set in a dark, brutal fantasy setting. Every few hundred years a dreaded Blight occurs. Frenzied Darkspawn led by an Arch demon spread throughout the land destroying everything in their path. The Darkspawn horde is led into battle by the dreaded Hurlock, an unnaturally strong creature known to wield massive Greatswords that can effortlessly slice through armor, bone, and flesh.

This letter opener replica Darkspawn Greatsword, is the weapon wielded by the savage Hurlocks. The miniature replica is cast with the highest quality Japanese stainless steel with custom etched molds and was created using the finest grade materials and craftsmanship.

* Spike TV 2009 VGA for Best RPG and IGN 2009 RPG of the Year”

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