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Timber Wolf Karnak Temple Dagger

- 14 1/4" long overall - 9 1/4" long blade, with a sharp edge. - Premium leather belt sheathe. - Handle is genuine, cream-colored bone. - Red wooden bands and brass spacers on the handle, accenting it beautifully.
The Timber Wolf Karnak Temple Dagger is styled after what was found on the hip of a temple guard at the site of the Karnak temple grounds in Luxor, Egypt. It represents the height of ancient Egypt’s dominance. The knife has a very sharp, 9 1/4" Damascus steel blade, shaped in a prominent, and iconic triangle shape, leading into a hefty, file-worked hand guard and handle. The cream-colored handle is made of genuine bone, and is accented with wooden red bands, and brass spacers. This beautiful dagger is 14 1/4" inches long overall, and with the premium leather sheath, you'll definitely draw attention, much as temple guards in ancient Egypt would have. Note: This item cannot be shipped to the following states: NJ, MA.
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