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The Mayan Dirk


The Mayan Dirk comes from a race shrouded in mystery as they existed in ancient time, and yet vanished as if in an instant without a trace. Known for having the most elaborate form of hieroglyphics, including the expression of emotions, the Mayan Race left no explanation for their disappearance and thus mankind has been fascinated by the many possibilities for the vanishing of such an advanced race.
The Mayan Dirk has a gleaming black scabbard and handle with images etched on both in white detail. The image on the scabbard is that of three rings, or the three stages of life. Birth, Growth and Death, Growth being the largest part of life hence the larger circle. The image on the handle is of two Mayan Chiefs standing before what appears to be an altar. A flat faced image dominates the pommel of the knife, and if smashed against a soft surface, will leave an imprint of that face. Perhaps it was once an image of a god they worshiped, or perhaps a symbol for death or life. Whatever it may be for, only those who have vanished could answer to the true reason for both the Dirk itself and the images upon it.

The Mayan Dirk is made of a solid black plastic with an imitation Damascus etched blade, silver finished blade collar and round ball scabbard tip.

  • Overall Length: 8.25 inches
  • Blade Length: 3.50 inches


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