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Sutton Hoo Migration Era Sword

Sutton Hoo Migration Era Sword
The Sutton Hoo burial hoard is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, Anglo-Saxon discoveries. The amount of items found are staggering for a 7th century site. The vibrant and detailed artifacts are stunning to behold. Some of the items are thought to be fittings for a sword. This Deepeeka reproduction implements the part well and true to form. The amount of details incorporated into this blade is amazing. The deep red color in the rear guard pommel compliments the dark stain of the scabbard and handle. The handle itself is true to form as it fits nicely in the hand. Unlike many other reproductions, the handle is small. This smaller size is historically accurate. The en45 hardened carbon blade has a fuller that runs the entirety of the blade. The blade come dulled but can hold an edge. The attention to detail is surprising in this sword.
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