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Shinwa ScarletFang

Sleek, clean design stands out in any display or collection, even amongst lavishly adorned, sumptuously appointed custom swords - a must-have for any collector Double-edged, full tang 29" black Damascus steel blade - painstakingly hand forged by seasoned swordsmiths using proven, centuries-old techniques Innovative, exclusive process puts “black” in “black Damascus” - result is blade with brooding dark beauty without equal Fluid design with seamless lines from from kashira to saya base; discreet and stealthy; unique and eye-catching Tough hardwood handle and saya, both with elegant, satiny smooth hand-lacquered finish Hand lacquered wooden saya joins seamlessly with likewise-finished handle; protects blade, imparts elegance Overall length: 40" - easy to wield, easy to transport, hard to put down
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