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Shinwa Crimson Warrior Katana

- 41 1/4" long overall. - 27 1/2" long blade. - High carbon steel blade. - Wooden handle is wrapped in genuine rayskin and black cord. - Elegant designs all along the handle and scabbard.
The Shinwa Crimson Katana is a perfect example of the quality, traditional elegance, and good handling that has been appreciated for centuries. It has a 27 1/2” 1045 high-carbon steel blade extending from a brass habaki and a metal alloy black and gold circular tsuba. The handle is made of wood, and wrapped in genuine rayskin and black cord and features a black pommel with birds. The scabbard is crimson red lacquered wooden, with a gold painted bird and bamboo scene. It all comes together for a perfect housing and elegant design for this traditional style blade.
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