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Pirate Dagger


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In the 16th 17th century it was a time of lawless freedom on the high seas. Man took their own fates into their own hand by taking up piracy. Glory and wealth was made by these high seas bandits with no scruples or masters. Take home some of the legend with this ornate pirate dagger. Its resembles exactly the kind of piece a captain like Edward Teach himself might have carried. It features an ornate crimson sheath with detailed furnishing. The blade itself has a decorative tassel. Perfect for any piracy history enthusiast. 

  • 20" overall .
  • 440 stainless steel 14" blade.
  • Cast metal designed guard and handle with blue jewel in pommel.
  • The scabbard has 3 very ornately designed cast metal fittings with a chain connected to the top and middle fitting.
  • Tassel attached at handle.
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