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Korsoygaden Scandanavian Viking Sword

Deepeeka 40" Viking Korsoygaden Sword
The Korsoygaden Sword was found in the Hadmarken area of Sweden in the late 1800s. This sword come from an interesting time in history as it represents a time when the Scandinavian culture was completing its transition from a Viking like structure to a more European feudal system. This sword dates from the 12th century and would have been carried by the likes of the early Norman Knights. It features a 33" High carbon blade. With an overall length of 40". The pommel and crosstree are both brass and the handle boasts a very attractive design. It fits beautifully in the hands and is very attractive. The wooden cored scabbard has a brass chapes and collar. The Scabbard fits nicely with the sword. Get your slice of History today. Made by Deepeeka
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