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Kingston Arms Crecy Sword

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5160 high carbon steel sword. A high quality reproduction piece for the most ardent of collectors.
In 1346 AD, the French and English forces clashed near Crecy. The battle waged fiercely for much of the day. The hand to hand combat was described as, "murderous, without pity, cruel, and very horrible." This was the first, large battle in the 100 years wars. This beautiful weapon pays homage to the skilled blade-smiths of the past with its stunning attention to detail. From the hollow grind to the peened pommel. This beautiful blade is as functional as it is aesthetic. Designed by Angus Trim, this sword is a faithful reproduction to its historic predecessor. Featuring an overall length of 38.75" and a blade length of 31.75". The blade is made of 5160 high carbon steel and has a well defined hollow-ground edge. The blades edge has been sharped to a very fine edge. The blade has a noticeable distal taper (thicker at the cross trees; thinner at the point) and a historically accurate blade profile. The tang is a rectangular tang that carries through the handle and has been securely peened at the end of the wheel pommel. The crosstree's are handsomely shaped and complement the sword pommel. The wooden cored scabbard is a great addition as it is beautifully executed. Add this amazing and functional sword to your collection today.
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