Hoard of Chaos Dagger

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The Hoard of Chaos Dagger is a meeting of death as the bones of skeletons come together to create this cryptic weapon. In attendance at this meeting are the founding brothers Arthur Fear and Robert Evil who create the main base for displaying the Chaos Dagger. Scattered around them are their competition who sadly were disassembled by the other Hoard members. The handle of Chaos is three standing skeletons the pillars of virtue - greed, envy and strife. Grinning in three different directions they enjoy their power over the world and only grow stronger as Chaos continues. The Hoard guard is a grasping leader, holding up the pillars of strength he peers out over the residing of the meeting and calls to distraction the frenzy that always ensues when the members of death get together. Measuring 16 1/3 inch overall the Hoard of Chaos Dagger features a stainless steel fantasy style blade that can be pulled from the backs of the founding brothers to reveal a 9 inch edged blade. The pommel of the dagger is a clear ball with which if peered at closely may reveal the secrets of the future or not, only you will be able to tell. Base and dagger sold as one and are perfect for display or collection.

Overall Length: 16 1/3"

Blade Length: 9"

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