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Game of Thrones: House Stark Tankard

- About 6 3/4" tall. - Holds about 20 oz. - Stainless inner cup for easy cleaning, and allows hot & cold drinks.
The Starks have been the wardens of the north for thousands of years. They built The Wall, and united descendants of Andals and First Men alike. Now they watch over the Godswoods of the north, ready for the Wilding, or Ironborne threat. What better way to watch the north than with a tankard of mead? This sturdy, resin mug is emblazoned with the dire wolf House Stark coat of arms, and the Stark words "Winter is Coming." With frost detailing the top, chains decorating the sides, and an armored handle fitted with a sculpture of a dire wolf, this hand-detailed mug is a beautiful piece and sure to attract the attention it deserves. The mug has a removable stainless steel inner cup for easy cleaning, holds about 20 ounces, and is able to hold both hot and cold drinks to either stave off, or embrace the cold of winter. This officially licensed tankard comes packaged in a Seven Kingdoms gift box, perfect for display or storage.
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