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Engraving services are now available for select products. We use a top of the line laser engraving machine for precise engraving. Please keep in mind that not all products are eligible to be engraved.

Current engraving is done on items that have the engraving options specified on the product details page. If the product page does not have specifications we will contact you before we engrave. We can not engrave logos at the current time.

There are NO refunds on products that we have engraved unless there is a mistake with the product. All comments and instructions should be filled in when ordering the engraving option on products within the WeaponMasters.com website. It is important to provide a phone number or an email address in case we need to contact you to verify specifics of the engraving.


 1-20   Letters $20

21-40 Letters $35

41-60 Letters $50

*Note: Call us  on 800-939-0147 for a discount on 5 or more engraved items

Weaponmasters specializes in real world “battle ready”, replicas and licensed products consisting of swords, knives,
and other weaponry products at the most economical prices. Weaponmasters is an authorized distributor of
licensed products for Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, and Showtime.
All products offered on Weaponmasters comes with a price match guarantee.