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Skyrim: Foam Skyforge Steel Longsword


Are you ready to take on the dragons of Skyrim, and shout your enemies to the ground with a blast of Unrelenting Force? If so, then this is the perfect FOAM cosplay sword for your Elder Scrolls LARP adventures. This awesome, cushioned foam sword is perfect for whacking your friends and foes in a safe and friendly way. The detailed battle-worn finish is hand pained to match the look and feel of the skyforge steel longsword to a T. Plus this epic replica should be approved by the standard Con rules, making it great for convention costumes. So take your video game cosplay to the next level with this safe, light weight, and detailed latex Skyrim replica. Note: This sword is handmade and may have slight imperfections in the finish.

Length: 38.5 Inches. 
Guard: 8 Inches. 
Weight: 10 Ounces.
(Dimensions are approximate.)

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