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Damascus EDC Defense Tool


The Damascus EDC Defense Tool is a premium version of our regular EDC Defense Tool, but manufactured entirely with a beautiful Damascus steel material. The steel itself is reminiscent of flowing water, while maintaining incredible strength.

Original Damascus steel, named after the capital city of Syria, was developed between the 3rd century to the 17th century. Reportedly, blades made of this material were strong enough to shatter regular swords of the era and slice rifle barrels in half, due to the extraordinary strength that allowed for precision sharpening.

Though the ancient technique to make original Damascus steel has been lost, the modern-day reproductions of the material maintain the same strength. In a process that involves folding several types of steel and iron repeatedly, our Damascus Steel EDC Defense Tools echo the legendary durability of those fearsome blades.


We offer the Damascus EDC Defense Tool in two sizes: Regular and XL. We find that Regular will fit most hands, while XL is perfect for those who want some extra length to grip.


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