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Cranial Candelabra Resin Cast Skull 5-Candle Holder

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Spookiest candelabra available 5 candles seated in human skulls 4 near-complete skeletons on stem Spines creepily arched 90 degrees Red jewels, tiny skulls inlaid on base Forged with durable cold cast resin Measures 11” high x 6” wide
The Cranial Candelabra is a far cry from the elegant brass candle holder Liberace had perched atop his grand piano. This five-candle holder is in a class of unique and cool all its own. It’s dark, somber and a little spooky – perfect for goths, modern vampires or anyone who wants to add a bony touch of haunted décor to their home or office. Candles rest securely in the tops of five skulls – one with three faces at the stem’s pinnacle and four belonging to near-complete skeletons attached to the candelabra stem by their pelvises. The spines of the latter four creepily arch 90 degrees toward the heavens; they each hold smaller skulls in their hands. Even more skulls surround the handsomely bejeweled base of the stem. These tiny skulls, like all of the durable cold cast resin sculpture in this stately candle holder, feature exquisite details like skull joints and anatomically correct bone placement. You’ve just gotta see this awesome piece to believe it! Measures 11” high x 6” wide.
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