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Collapsible Tai Chi Sword


The Collapsible Tai Chi Sword has a stainless steel blade, complete with brass colored handle and carrying case. The Blade of the Tai Chi Sword collapses inside of itself, but with the snap of the wrist the blade becomes fully extended. The Collapsible Tai Chi Sword is used for ceremonies and as gifts to those that appreciate the oriental culture and all of its traditions.

Many warrior training systems include their martial weapons training as part of their system, while others base the warrior martial art system solely on weapon training. In some martial arts training they use special and unique techniques that pertain to the martial arts weapons themselves. These techniques are kept separate and apart from the hand to hand unarmed portion of their training.

While other systems may have no difference in open handed unarmed combat techniques and the movements used by their martial weapons. The weapon is viewed as an extensions of the body.

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