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Hattin Falchion

Amazing recreation of a Falchion from the 12th century. Has an overall length of 30.5" and a blade that is 24". Its handsome crosstrees and pommel match the blade nicely.
On July 4th, 1187, the mighty Kurdish general Saladin had surrounded the forces of Guy De Lusignan on a hill at the horns of Hattin. King Guy was defeated but withheld against insurmountable odds. His foot soldiers fought bravely and many would have carried a sword much like this beautiful recreation. Though many have speculated that the Falchion was used to be a mixture of an axe and a sword, many scholars now disagree. The existing examples of Falchions generally have very thin blades. For a chopping weapon, you would want a thicker blade. The theory now is that many soldiers in the 12th and 13th century would have been wearing textile armor primarily and this sword was designed to slice through these types of armors. With a full tang and peened construction, this is no "wall-hanger". Able to take the abuse of use, this blade features an overall length of 30." with a 24" blade. The blade is made of 1065 high carbon steel, a steal that is strong but not extremely brittle. The crosstrees are a simple but historically accurate straight crosstree. The handsome pommel is detailed well and helps balance the blade in the hand. The blade is blackened, indicative of the theme of the BattleCry windlass sword series. It also comes with a wooden scabbard. This amazing blade has a unique place in history; consider adding it to a unique place in your home.
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