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Black Viking Sword

Feel the power of the Viking Spirit in your hands as you behold this weapon. This handsome blade features a 30 blade. It is has a well established fuller that runs the majority of the blade. The blade tapers handsomely as a sword from this time period typically would. The cross-tree and pommel are both steel and are good representations of sword furniture from Viking era swords. The pommel has been carved to create the 5 lobes of the pommel. The handle is leather wrapped and feels very well balanced in the hands. When gripped, the handle is not to large or small and fits well into the palm of the hand. It comes with a thick leather scabbard that has a steel collar and chape ( end cap). The Scabbard also has some raised leather banding that makes it a very attractive scabbard. For the swords price, you get very much sword for the price.
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