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Assassin's Talon Medieval Display Sword with Eagle Pommel Wing Guard


Exquisitely designed and brimming with authentic medieval allure, the "Assassin's Talon" Sword is your portal to another world - a remote past scarred by war and upheaval, collusion and intrigue. This striking Middle Ages-style display piece boasts a shimmering stainless steel broadsword blade with sleek beveling and double display edges. The handle is carefully wrapped in fine, intertwining strands of steel wire and bookended by a stately brass eagle pommel and an elegant eagle wing guard. Rustic bands of faux leather encircle the handsome scabbard, beautifully offset by regal a regal brass locket and chape. The Assassin's Talon is eye-catching and perfect for showing off in sword or Medieval weaponry collection. It also looks great on its own - hung on a wall or set atop a mantle, bookshelf or desk. Use it as an authentic-looking prop for theater or cosplay. Or gift it to a sword enthusiast or history buff in your life, and send them on a journey through time... The year is 1191. Western kings and Ottoman sultans are embroiled in a blood-soaked game of tug-of-war over the holy land, its sacred sites and hallowed relics. Exploiting the chaos that now grips the land, a devious secret society emerges, hell-bent on plundering the riches of war-ravaged Jerusalem. The dark knights of this shadowy order - called the "Knights Sphaera" - search for one relic with particular zeal - an ancient glass orb said to impart its bearer with immortality and god-like powers. Seeking to rule and enslave all the peoples of the earth for eternity, the Knights Sphaera stop at nothing to gain their prize. They spill blood, desecrate holy sites, usurp kings and leave sorrow, wailing and death in their wake. In response, a clandestine union of skilled, stealthy assassins rises - the "Order of the Bronze Eagle." Determined to foil the Knights' plans for everlasting world domination at all costs, the Eagle assassins lurk in shadow and creep in darkness, silently slaying their opponents with easy-to-conceal yet deadly swords, crowned by bronze eagle pommels and bronze winged guards. The Order calls these savage blades "talons." The assassins of the order summon thee - whilst thou answer? Answer the call - order the Assassin's Talon Sword today! NOTE: Sword color scheme may not match photo. Depending on availability, you may receive either a black version (as pictured) or brown version.


  • Authentic medieval style and a backstory to match.
  • False-edged 16 3/4" stainless steel broadsword blade.
  • Durable polymer handle with twisted wire accents.
  • Stately brass eagle pommel, eagle wing guard.
  • Handsome sheath with faux leather wrapping.
  • Overall length: 22 1/2."
  • Sword/sheath colors may vary; you will receive either a black (as pictured) or brown version.
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