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Anthropomorphic Celtic Sword

37.25" Anthropomorphic Celtic War Sword
The Deepeeka made; Celtic Anthropomorphic Sword is a stunning example of the craftsmanship and skill of the 1st-2nd century sword smiths of the age. This stunning piece features a en45, high carbon steel blade and a cast bronze hilt. The hilt is shaped like a human body, that is what the term. 'Anthropomorphic' is referring too. This type of sword would have been used during the Roman invasion into the Celtic held lands. The sword comes with the leather scabbard and shoulder strap. This amazing sword could complete any collection.
  • 37.25" Overall Length
  • 31.25" en45 Carbon Steel Blade
  • Full Leather Sheath and Shoulder strap
  • Brass Sheath tip and brass buckles
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