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About Us

WeaponMasters is the Number One place to find and discover anything related to swords, weapons & collectibles you want to buy as well as information, events and services related to swords, weapons & collectibles. We're very proud that thousands of people in more than 50 countries have made us the worlds leading online sword related shopping site offering "Cutting Edge Products" and "Swords, Weapons, Collectibles & more"! We provide exceptional daily services to the more than 75,000 members that have Weaponmasters their choice for products and collectibles. Our teams' knowledge and experience in this field is world renown. We stand ready to assist you in any way possible.


What others say about us:

Bert C wrote: Thanks to Chris ….. my transaction was very pleasant. Even when the item got stuck in customs and had to be send again. Any information I asked for I received in an pleasant fast manner.  It was a great transaction !
Brad T wrote:  Thank you very much! You guys make amazing products. Also as a side note:  I was recently at MegaCon up in Orlando and I visited your booth multiple times.  Your staff there was very friendly and helpful.  They definitely sold me on this product even after I had been eying it for a couple months.  Big thumbs up to their team.  Your plasma cutter will be my main piece out of the entire suit.  One again, thank you very much for everything.  Keep coming up with awesome things………
Cheryl G wrote: Thank you very much for your service. My transaction was pleasant and your pricing was great. I will be recommending your company to others!
Joseph P: Weaponmasters should be very proud of the support team they have. I had a VERY tricky situation and some challenges that only through working with me in appositive manner, would they be resolved. I MUST mention Ionna by name as without her, this order would not have been successfully completed. She was VERY helpful when I nagged about worries. She was extremely understanding and patient and, because of her EXCELLENCE and EXTREMELY HIGH level of professionalism and patience, I came out with exactly what I was seeking and I will, without any hesitation at all, recommend this site to any and ALL of my friends that are interested in purchasing your excellent merchandise!

Weaponmasters specializes in real world “battle ready”, replicas and licensed products consisting of swords, knives,
and other weaponry products at the most economical prices. Weaponmasters is an authorized distributor of
licensed products for Electronic Arts, Blizzard Entertainment, and Showtime.
All products offered on Weaponmasters comes with a price match guarantee.