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34" Katzbalger Sword

34" Katzbalger Renaissance Sword.
May we introduce you to the Katzbalger. This weapon was popular in the 16th century and was carried primarily by the Landsknecht (the land's knight). The Katzbalger simply means cat gutter and this is most likely a ethnocentric joke that no longer makes much sense, but the name stuck. The Landsknecht were a flamboyant but ruthless warrior class during the late 15th and 16th centuries. This sword comes with a leather-covered wooden scabbard with a large end chape. The blade is 28" and the sword is 34" overall. The carbon steel blade does come blunt but can take an edge. This piece is primarily for decoration but does have a full-tang construction and a peened pommel cap making it functional for lighter cut tests. The three fullers have been darkened to add contrast to the blade. The Iron crosstree and pommel are handsomely shaped and twisted. Consider this beautiful blade for your collection.
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