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27" Roman Gladius

27" Carbon Steel Roman Gladius
The Romans were the epitome of efficiency in war. Their ability to work as a unit and utilize their training led to one of the largest empires in antiquity. Though the word Gladius simply means 'sword' in generic terms; this style has become ubiquitous as the common Roman sword . This sword features a 1045 carbon steel blade that is shaped in the Fulham style. This sword's simple wooden guard and pommel are carved to match the function of the Gladius. The Dark Red color looks wonderful next to the dark wooden handle. One of the most impressive parts of this sword is the scabbard. This wooden scabbard is covered in leather and then the brass accents were attached, making the scabbard a aesthetically pleasing compliment to the sword itself. The brass rings easily would attach to an existing belt. Get yours today.
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